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      Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
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      Company profile



      Changzhou Xinzhan Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou High-tech Zone and the traffic is very convenient. Walking east, it is only 1km away to Changzhou-Jiangyin exit of Shanghai-Chengdu expressway. Walking west, it is separately 3km and 23km away to Changzhou High-Speed Railway Station and Changzhou Airport. Walking north, it is 12km away to Changzhou Harbor.


      The company is founded in 2009 and is a professional enterprise which integrates production, R&D, sales, service of special resistor welding machine, automatic specific welding equipment and metal wire shape forming device. The company's technology team is formed by various engineer and led by qualified expert. Our company has owned several invention and utility model patents, it is an innovative company.


      The main welding machines we manufacture are: pneumatic AC spot or projection welding, capacitor storing energy spot or projection welding, middle frequency spot or projection welding, pneumatic AC row welding, pneumatic AC gantry row welding, middle frequency gantry welding, special welding for auto glass hoist, pneumatic AC butt welding, pneumatic AC flash butt welding, specific welding for repairing tools, pneumatic AC seam welding, refrigerator and air-conditioner condenser welding, upright T model welding, automatic auto nuts welding, XY axis automatic row welding, IBC cage protection welding, compresser terminal middle frequency welding, brake shoes welding, stud welding, valve core welding, safe box welding, multi head row welding, wave line mesh welding, integrated hanging welding, welding for barb pole on wet-type dedusting equipment, seamless welding, engine mandril automatic welding. Stationery storage frame automatic production line, metal wire shape forming machines such as straightening, loop making, deburring, flattening are also our superior products. We can customize the equipment as per user’s non-standard requirements.


      Our equipment is applied in these manufacturing industries: household appliance, auto parts, auto, iron and other metals, compressor, refrigerator, air-conditioner and cooling machine, electric water heater, space flight and aviation etc.

      We get good sales performance in China, and the products are also sold to Europe, U.S., south-east Asia. With perfect quality and reasonable price, our products are widely praised by our customers.


      Our company always pursues the operation idea of "people oriented, technologically advanced, products and service the best", and insists the guidance of "survive by quality, develop by innovation".


      The whole staff of Changzhou Xinzhan Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. will consistently work hard, improve and innovate to supply the best product and service to satisfy market demands. We'd like to do more contribution to the human being and the society.

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