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      Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
      Automatic welding machine for brake shoe
      Brake shoe welder
      Brake shoe welder



        Design concept
      ●Due to the welding products for metal welding impact, high fastness, solder joint appearance, process test and according to customer requirements, should use the welding process of hardware specifications (i.e. high current short time), adopts the design of single-phase secondary rectifier welder.
      ●The secondary is a DC circuit, the inductance can be ignored. When the same output current is produced, the power factor of the welder is greatly improved, which can reach 0.8-0.9; the welding power required by the welder is only 1/3-1/5 of the ordinary welding machine, and the impact on the power network is small.
      ●The DC heating not only avoids the loss of heat caused by the cooling of the amplitude of the alternating current, but also prevents the splash caused by the excessive peak current. The DC current through ●the strong magnetic metal produced by the cluster effect, so that the solder joint molding, penetrating power, multi layer steel plate welding can guarantee quality.
      ●There is no alternating magnetic force between the two poles so that the electrode pressure is stable.
      ●The Japanese style cushion compensates the self-made cylinder, has good following ability, and the welding quality is stable.

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