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      Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
      Double head cathode welding machine
      Cathode line double head automatic welding machine
      Cathode line double head automatic welding machine



        First, double head cathode line (awn thorn) special welding machine, suitable product specification:
      1. material: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium and other welding materials can be welded;
      2. tube material diameter: Phi 14- phi 25mm;
      3. length of stud; 15-35mm;
      4. diameter of welding pin: 3.0mm;
      When the client provides 5. standard specifications: 1.5 welding nail cap thickness of positive and negative 0.1mm, head diameter of 4.3 plus or minus 0.2mm, stud diameter 3 0.1mm negative, such as the welding nail up to less than the tolerance range, will cause the nail feeding is not smooth phenomenon;
      6. the length of the pipe; 1200-7500mm.
      Two. Equipment features of stud welding machine:
      1, the operation is simple, safe and convenient, one will learn;
      2, a high degree of automation, can operate more than one machine;
      3, fast, solder joints solid and stable;
      4, equipment failure rate is low, easy maintenance;
      5, apply to the cathode line line, spiral type bone fishbone cathode cathode line and three with studs, basically can achieve a variety of different types of welding machines of different specifications of the cathode lines, and different specifications of the products simple and convenient adjustment.
      Three. Introduction of operation procedure:
      The staff will pack welding needle into the vibration plate, vibration plate by combining manipulator automatic welding needle into a welding electrode, and then welded into employee tooling within the top to the positioning mould, press the start button, and then move forward automatic clamping device of pipe, double simultaneous welding of welded pipe, welding is completed according to user requirements rotate or forward, between the two joint center distance 25-100 adjustable rotation angle of 0 degrees to 360 degrees adjustable, finally a solder joint and the pipe end of the minimum distance must be greater than 60mm.
      Four, the main technical parameters:
      1. input voltage: 380V50Hz
      2. rated input power: 2X40KVA
      3. secondary no-load voltage: 7.5V
      4. single transformer output maximum secondary short-circuit current (peak):18KA
      5. load duration: 20%
      6. insulation grade: F class
      7. two head adjusting distance: 25-100 adjustable
      8., welding efficiency: about 2 seconds welding (once welding two nails)

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