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      Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
      Intermediate frequency steel plate welding product
      Intermediate frequency steel plate welding machine
      Intermediate frequency steel plate welding machine



        Design concept:
      According to the characteristics of steel grid products, the equipment requires a high degree of automation, and equipment performance is stable, welding quality is good, my company design concept is as follows:
      Welding requirements:
      1. The welding process is automatic welding. After welding, the steel plate is automatically repaired on both sides;
      2 、 specification and size of steel grating:
      A, flat steel thickness 3-6mm, flat bar width 25-50mm, flat steel length 6000mm;
      B, thread steel, 6-8mm in diameter;
      3, the operation is simple, even if the new operation can also quickly start operation;
      4, not allowed to open welding, welding joints do not allow welding wool, welding, welding.
      5. After the steel plate is welded, the whole product can be sent out and the steel plate can be cut off.
      Solution: steel plate welding is finished flat steel and round steel (or Fang Gang twist) crossing a welding automatic production line, the product has a variety of specifications, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, wharf, municipal, environmental protection, national defense and other platforms, hanging roof, fences, walkways etc. by 16, 130KVA special frequency inverter transformer, and further enhance the technology for steel lattice plate welding machine of domestic existing, in order to achieve high efficiency, energy saving. Is by far the most advanced technology, welding a steel lattice plate welding speed, has a high degree of automation, good welding quality, low energy consumption, stable quality, welding has the advantages of compact structure, convenient operation etc..
      This equipment adopts servo drive, touch screen, PLC control, hydraulic pressure, intermediate frequency welding and other innovative technologies. In order to ensure the quality and performance of the whole equipment, key electric and pneumatic components used are imported brands, suppliers have passed ISO9001 quality system certification, the products of high quality and reliable quality, and are of special resistance welding device.
      Main technical parameters


        Feeding method:
      Flat steel adopts artificial straight line feeding, step by step automatic dragging method;
      Twisted steel with straight artificial feeding, automatic feeding off the two.

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