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      Welcome to visit Changzhou Xinzhan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.!
      Intermediate frequency Longmen welding machine
      Intermediate frequency Longmen welding machine
      Intermediate frequency Longmen welding machine


      Main features:
      1., the use of intermediate frequency inverter DC square wave output, welding heat concentration, solder joint symmetry. Welding of non-ferrous metal materials and some refractory materials is especially suitable. The welding process is stable, the welding quality is improved remarkably, the production efficiency is improved rapidly, and the application range of the equipment is expanded.
      2. frequency inverter welding transformer using small volume and large output energy, greatly reducing the weight of the core material, coupled with diode rectifier transformer secondary circuit of the electric energy to the DC power supply welding, improve numerical secondary loop induction, prevent the large amount of energy loss, thus reducing the production cost.
      3. microcomputer control, storage of multiple sets of welding specifications, and users can edit their own cylinder action sequence and the number of cylinder action and the corresponding welding specifications, in order to achieve the welding of different products.
      The 4. is made of high quality steel welded one-piece ultra wide Longmen frame beam under 45# reinforced welding after annealing treatment, the elastic deformation and small deformation, bending the base steel plate overall key parts and hand welding reinforcement stress, ensure the welding deformation in the cylinder body and under pressure when brought, also to prevent welding because the instability caused by dislocation products etc..
      Main parameter:


      Design concept:
      Compared with the ordinary Longmen welding machine, the equipment adopts medium frequency inverter DC power supply, welding transformer frequency by current electric 50Hz upgrade to 1000Hz, save energy, reduce production costs; improve the power factor, load balancing to power supply equipment, stronger adaptability to the fluctuation and pressure drop of the grid frequency can be 20 times faster than traditional in the adjustment of welding current, greatly improve the production efficiency. The maximum welding width can be up to 3200mm. The 30 sets of home-made cylinders can be operated independently to realize welding of different products, thus increasing the practical performance of the equipment.
      Because the welding is simple and fast, the welding products are beautiful and smooth, and the solder joints are even and firm. They are widely used in semi-automatic welding of metal mesh, shelf, guardrail and other products.

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